simply sunshine is a german-australian joint-venture.
martin apell [german importer] and leigh gilligan [australian vigneron, known from his work for dowie doole and gilligan] had planned to make a red and a white wine that would be truly south australian and at the same time offer maximum flavour for minimum budget.
in the meantime there is also a rosť to complete the range.
all wines are exceptionally easy to drink, displaying attractive bouquets, ripe fruit flavours, balanced mouthfeel and long, clean finishes. they will suit a wide range of fish, poultry, meat and vegetable dishes.

the concept: to make red, white and rosť wine (and in the future also sparkling red and white), which reflect the best attributes of  south australia and provide wines offering not only excellent value but also maximum flavour.

simply sunshine has won many fans and is already being exported to germany, denmark and england.